Lozenges - Original Eucalyptus

Lozenges - Original Eucalyptus

Our Original Eucalyptus bee propolis lozenges was the very first flavour that we developed.

This lozenge tastes moderately strong, with a hint of aniseed. Aniseed has traditionally been used to treat coughs and aid breathing and is a well known carminative (ie, it relieves bloating). 

Our Nature Care New Zealand Bee Propolis Lozenges are made with

  • All natural food ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Vitamin C
  • No artificial colouring or flavouring
  • 100% New Zealand bee propolis

Handmade for you in small batches with great love and care

I am a teacher and I often have to talk for long periods of time. My throat gets very irritated but I found if I eat a couple of these lozenges during the day every day, it really helps to soothe the irritation. I have tried so many other lozenges including big brand ones but they either don't work or they taste awful. I really like these lozenges a lot, and they are safe for me to eat everyday.  - Chen, Taiwan

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