About Us


Our artisans specialize in hand made, all natural ingredients, bee propolis lozenges.

Founded in 1994, we are a family business located in Christchurch,  New Zealand that believes in food is medicine. Dr. Jason Wang, a Traditional Chinese herbalist who founded the company, created our Nature Care Bee Propolis Lozenges after discovering the amazing healing effects of bee propolis. Leveraging his Chinese medicinal knowledge, he teamed up with a confectioner to create a balanced recipe that harnessed and accentuated the natural benefits of NZ bee propolis with the benefits of different plant and seed oils.

We carefully select our raw ingredients and create our lozenges in small batches, consistently striving to provide the best quality products to our customers.

Through word of mouth, customers from different parts of the world have now enjoyed these tasty lozenges that have helped them with soothing their coughs, itchy throats, and unblocked their noses.

We hope to continue Dr. Wang’s goal of providing delicious and effective products to share with you, your family and friends!